Tiffany 2.0

Two Seater
Starting from Rs. 77,200 (Excl. of GST)

Tiffany’s modern European aesthetic conjures up the feeling of airiness, a lightness as though one is floating amidst the plush double cushioning. Seated on slender legs, its curvy, accentuated arms rise up to meet the back and create a grand visual feast that is steeped in poetic allure.


Product Dimensions

- Available as a two seater, three seater and four seater.
- Structure made from durable, insect-repellent neem wood.
- Backrest made with soft and tactile high grade foam.
- Legs made of metal that has been treated and powder coated.
- Superior quality tension bands distribute weight evenly along the structure to ensure stability and longevity.
- Backrest cushions made with loose polyfill stitched in black cora cloth, and upholstered in high quality fabric. Premium upholstery thread used for all stitching.
- Manufactured by local artisans in India.

- Length can be increased or decreased upto 6 inches
- Depth can be increased or decreased upto 4 inches
- 2 seat comfort options: standard & medium (extra soft)


Tiffany is available in 156 fabric options and 3 sizes

Tiffany Two Seater

Two Seater

Starting from Rs 77,200 (Excl. of GST)


Tiffany Three Seater

Three Seater

Starting from Rs 104,000 (Excl. of GST)


Tiffany Four Seater

Four Seater

Starting from Rs 130,800 (Excl. of GST)



Legs are made of metal that has been painted black in colour.

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