Shipping Returns

1. Do you ship to my city and location?

While we do ship to most metro's, however, do please reach out to our team to confirm before placing an order if you can't find your city on the list. 

2. What is the estimated delivery time?

2.1 Given that our products are custom built we estimate that it will take 45 to 60 days for your product to be Dispatched, post which it would take 4 to 5 days to reach your door step. 

2.2 All the products are transported and delivered using our network of external logistics partners. 

2.3 While we try to ensure that the product reaches you within the delivery time communicated, exigencies may delay the delivery. In such cases, please do not worry. Get in touch with us for the latest update on your shipment if we have already not gotten in touch with you.

3. Are there any shipping charges or any additional hidden charges?

Yes, shipping charges are calculated automatically for the products you've selected and displayed on your final screen before you checkout. 

4. Are there any restrictions on the shipment or delivery of your furniture? 

4.1 We only provide logistics to your doortstep, unpacking has to be undertaken by the customer.

4.2 Please ensure there is somebody to receive the product. 

4.3 If delivery is at a higher floor in a building, please ensure there is an elevator to take the product up. 

4.4 If an elevator is not available, kindly have a couple of people ready to assist in carrying your product to your floor.

4.5 The product will be delivered in a packed state (box packing or crate packing) so please arrange to have it unpacked.

4.6 For Products that have metal legs, the legs will be sent separately. Client to arrange for a carpenter or handyman to fix the legs on the sofa. It will be a simple screw in system.

4.7 For our larger products, you will need to verify if they can be brought into your home and via the elevator or the staircase (if it's not on the ground floor). Each product has detailed dimensions listed against it so please ensure you check that the team is physically able to bring it into your home before you place the order.

Important: All our products are delivered in a packed state and will need to be opened by the client. 

Do note: that there are extra charges if there is special labor required to bring a product to your floor. 

5. How do I track my order?

5.1 We believe in giving you complete visibility of where your product is. You can track each order using the tracking number on our partner's site once the order has been shipped. 

5.2 For custom orders you can need to reach out to and we shall get back to you with updates.  

Please check the product when it's delivered to you and feel free to reach out to our team at if there are any issues and we will ensure its rectified as soon as possible. 

6. What if I have received a damaged product?

6.1 We have highly specialized quality control measures that ensure that the product is up to our standards when you receive the product. In case, you receive a damaged product (damage as defined by the situations in the prior question), please bring it to our notice at

6.2 Our team will assess the damage and revert within 1-2 days with a solution. We will either replace the piece or take any other corrective measures to solve the problem.

7. What if I do not like the product or cannot take delivery of my order? Can I cancel the order?

7.1 We, at Alara, work to ensure that you get what you see on our website. We do not offer exchanges (unless the product was damaged on arrival and we are unable to replace the item) and refunds for order cancellations. 

7.2 For All Products: Once we have delivered the product and left the customer's premises, we will NOT be able to accommodate any cancellation or change requests (other than as covered by the 2 year service warranty). We request the customer to personally be present during delivery to ensure that they check the furniture at the time of delivery. 

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