Geri 2.0

Starting from Rs. 114,400 (Excl. of GST)

Geri’s wide, open frame design is rather telling of its cardinal purposes - efficiency and comfort. Place it strategically in a living or entertainment area to use space well, and it even doubles up as a day bed or a modern divan. In its simplicity lies exquisite fine detailing that perceptive eyes will catch - deliciously deep cushioning with aesthetically pleasing, clean-cut piping and leatherette belts that are simply on-trend. 


Product Dimensions

- Structure made from durable, insect-repellent neem wood.
- Legs and structure made from hardy and long-lasting ash wood.
- Leather rivetted straps on either side. 

- Superior quality tension bands distribute weight evenly along the structure to ensure
stability and longevity.
- Manufactured by local artisans in India.


Legs made from sturdy Ash wood and leather rivetted straps on the sides

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