Love Seat 2.0

Starting from Rs. 79,200 (Excl. of GST)

The rapturous balance of inimitable design and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Our Love Seat is an exquisite arrangement for two. An open back design paired with spectacular angled arms and double cushioning have created a majestic wonder, a bold centrepiece for any space


Product Dimensions

- Includes 2 fabric upholstered foam bolsters.
- Structure made from durable, insect-repellent neem wood.
- Backrest made with soft and tactile high grade foam.
- Legs made from sturdy rubber wood which is fungus, bacteria and mould resistant.
- Superior quality tension bands distribute weight evenly along the structure to ensure
stability and longevity.
- Manufactured by local artisans in India.

- Length can be increased or decreased upto 6 inches
- Depth can be increased or decreased upto 4 inches
- 2 seat comfort options: standard & medium (extra soft)
- 12 leg finishes ranging from Light Teak to Mahogany

Love Seat

Legs made from sturdy rubber wood

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